Do divers live longer? One man means to find out.

Joseph Dituri plans to smash the world-record for living underwater. Currently held by two men from Tennessee at 73 days back in 2014, the Florida-native Dituri plans to live in an underwater habitat for an astounding 100 days. The reason is not just to set a new record, but has scientific goals as well. Living […]

Diver Spotlight: Vinnieke Rianto

Vinnieke Rianto's Bobtail Squid

Vinnieke took some time out to be interviewed: how she is overcoming her fear of deep water, discovering the joy underwater photography and more…

Diver Spotlight: Raymond Wennekes

Raymond Wennekes

Join us as we chat with photographer Raymond, who won several awards with his stunning photography.

Opening our Restaurant!

Our new restaurant is open!

It’s happening, we opened our restaurant for a select group of guests to give our new place a proper test drive.

Opening a New Dive Center During a Global Pandemic

The small village of Bahowo in North Sulawesi is now the proud home of Thalassa’s newest dive center!

Merdeka! – Indonesia’s Independence Day Underwater

Merdeka! - Indonesia's Independence Day Underwater

🇮🇩 Happy Independance Day Indonesia! 🇮🇩 We took some local guests diving for a flag-salute underwater. For many of them it was their first time diving. Well done everyone!

How to Prevent Diving Injuries

Prevent diving injuries

We learn not just about the fun of diving, but also what can potentially go wrong. This time we’re joined by Dr Jan-Jaap Brant Corstius who will explain everything you need to know to about medical complications and (most importantly) how to prevent them.

The Minahasa Highlands

The Minahasa Highlands

We’re taking you up into the Minahasa Highlands, and show you some of the unique (and tasty!) sights you can find in this beautiful part of North Sulawesi.

The best of 2020

The best of 2020

For our final broadcast in 2020, we picked our best underwater macro- and wide angle videography, as well as our picks for the funniest moments of than 36 hours of streaming! Hope to see you all with us! 🥳

Polyps – the Reef Dwellers


You’ve probably heard of polyps, the tiny creatures forming corals, among others. But what are they exactly and how do they live? Let’s dive in! 👌

Plankton, Jellyfish and Bioluminescence

Plankton, Jellyfish and Bioluminescence

If you were ever curious about your next black water dive with us, let us introduce Steven Haddock to you. He will reveal his deep knowledge about the fascinating creatures that live in (and light up) the darkness.

Holothuria – the Secret Life of Sea Cucumbers

Holothuria - the Secret Life of Sea Cucumbers

For this broadcast, we explore the fascinating world of echinoderms. Join us for another hour full of fun facts about the often-overlooked sea cucumber!