Thalassa Dive & Wellbeing Resort Manado

A unique, Ubud-style experience right here in Manado

Quick overview

…where guests leave as friends!


In a quiet corner overlooking a fish pond with a shared patio, our villas are perfect for families or diving clubs. With private, open-air bathroom.

Modern, free-standing accommodation with private terrace. Comes with everything you need for a superb vacation in the tropics.

Our single rooms are accessible by stairs and surrounded by green. This accommodation is perfect if you love nature, bird song and luxurious simplicity.

Just north of Manado you will discover a place of natural beauty and tranquility. With an on-site dive center, we offer a full resort and diving experience.

Hang out in the chlorine-free pool with a cold one, meditate and listen to the bird sounds in our zen-garden, do yoga, or go diving with our team of expert guides – it’s all possible, and our staff do everything to ensure you not only come as a guest, but also leave as a friend!

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Thalassa Manado full body massage
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Thalassa Manado bungalow
Thalassa Manado Bungalow

Ubud-vibes in Manado

Hidden under the shadow of lush green forest, and among fascinating rock gardens, your home away from home is an oasis of peace and tranquility.

Treat your tastebuds

Our award-winning chef loves to spoil you with both traditional Indonesian dishes and more modern takes on Italian food - it's all fresh, delicious and home made.

Thalassa Manado Massage

Relaxation redefined

Discover our massage spa with your travel partner, meditate in our Zen Garden, or enjoy a cold beer around the fire pit - the ingredients for an unforgettable vacation.

Resort map Thalassa Manado

Things to do

Minahasa Highland Tour

Enjoy fantastic views on this trip through the hills of North Sulawesi, full of exciting destinations, from hot springs to walking on top of the caldera of a volcano.

A tarsier - the world's smallest primate

Tangkoko Jungle Tour

The world's smallest primate is the Tarsier, which you can meet in Tangkoko. Look for black macaques and the cuscus, a tree-dwelling marsupial.

Cooking classes​

Test your cooking skills with our chef. You go to the market together and you cook for everyone.

Local village life

Visit the local village

Taking a stroll through the neighboring villages is a great way to discover how people live in North Sulawesi.

Sunset over Bunaken National Marine Park

Gunung Tumpa Sunset Tour

From 400 meters up you have a beautiful view of the entire Bunaken National Park at sunset.

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