Thalassa Dive Resort Lembeh

Dive Lembeh, Strait from the resort…

Quick overview

…where guests leave as friends!


Overlooking the ocean and Lembeh Island, our Double or Twin Bungalows offer a spacious home away from home.

Our air-conditioned single rooms overlook the Lembeh Strait, providing plenty of comfort for solo travelers.

Welcome to our serene island retreat, perfect for a whole lot of nothing. The resort is nestled in a quiet cove surrounded by palm trees. Being in the middle of Lembeh, you’ll have easy access to the Strait’s amazing muck diving, with no dive site more than 15 minutes away by boat. Treat yourself to a cold beverage at the poolside while our chef prepares delicious Indonesian food. And when you’re not diving, explore Lembeh’s natural beauty while the local people greet you with warm smiles and friendliness!

A hidden gem on Lembeh Island

Our air-conditioned accommodation offers tranquil sea views from your terrace, ample space for your gear and a cozy place to retreat back to after a day of diving.

Rinsing station at Thalassa Lembeh

On-site dive center

Choose between normal air or Nitrox, set up and charge your gear in our secure camera room, and hop into the boat straight from the resort - we do all the heavy lifting.

Thalassa Lembeh's Pizza Bar

A unique dining experience

Our revamped restaurant and cafe offer traditional Indonesian dishes as well as our famous Thalassa Pizzas (available soon), all home-made by our talented cooks.

Things to do

A tarsier - the world's smallest primate

Tangkoko Jungle Tour

The Tarsier is the world’s smallest primate, and you can meet them in Tangkoko with a local guide. Spot the black macaques and the cuscus, a marsupial that lives in the treetops.

Local village life

Visit the local village

Taking a stroll through the neighboring villages is a great way to discover how people live in North Sulawesi.

Grand sea view on Lembeh Island

Lembeh Island Tour​

Our tour around Lembeh Island gives you a good impression of the local life and natural beauty. The trip is topped off by a magnificent view of the entire Lembeh Strait.

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