Snorkeling in Bunaken Marine Park


The Bunaken National Marine Park is perfect for snorkeling. Especially at the island of Bunaken, the chance to spot turtles is almost guaranteed during any snorkel trip. The reef flats are incredibly rich with life, and lend themselves perfectly for underwater photography.

There is no comparison to just floating on the water, drifting along the gentle current and watch the amazing underwater life of the precious reefs just sliding past.


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What to see:
Turtles, trumpet fish, damsel- butterfly- and batfish, clownfish, snappers, groupers, sweetlips and occasionally dolphins from the boat

Very mild to no currents

Perfect conditions for snorkelers

Water temperatures are around the 30 degrees Celsius mark all year. With very little to no current, your snorkeling trip is as easy as can be.

Snorkeling is a lot of fun for kids

Fun for the whole family

Share the beauty of Bunaken National Marine Park with the little ones, who will be in good hands with our guide. We provide any equipment needed, for any size and age.

Snorkeling at Bunaken National Marine Park is absolutely gorgeous

Take some great memories home

The reefs of the Bunaken National Marine Park are brimming with life, so even seasoned snorkelers will be delighted to document their snorkeling adventures.

The three things I liked most about the resort are 1) they were great with the kids, introducing them to snorkeling and accommodating their fussy food needs; 2) they took diving and snorkeling safety very seriously and 3) there was a variety of Indonesian and western food that was always tasty.

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