Explore North Sulawesi

If you love the outdoors and exploring what lies beyond the horizon, North Sulawesi is your kind of place.

Minahasa Highland Tour

Enjoy fantastic views on this trip through the hills of North Sulawesi, full of exciting destinations, from hot springs to walking on top of the caldera of a volcano.

A tarsier - the world's smallest primate

Tangkoko Jungle Tour

The world's smallest primate is the Tarsier, which you can meet in Tangkoko. Look for black macaques and the cuscus, a tree-dwelling marsupial.

Cooking Class

Test your cooking skills with our chef. You go to the market together and you cook for everyone.

Learn fruit carving

Our chef Arnold will teach you how to turn everyday tropical fruit into fun, colorful creations.

Manado City

Visit a small museum, have a coffee at the market, and walk the winding alleyways of the old town to look for a bargain.

Waterfalls & Waruga

Take a refreshing dip and visit ancient Minahasa burial sites and mythological wall carvings.

Beach & snorkel trip

Hop on a private boat with your friends  and we’ll take you to some of the Bunaken Marine Park’s fantastic tropical beaches.

Local School & Village

Our sponsored school is located in the village of Tongkaina, only a few minutes away from the resort.

Gunung Tumpa Sunset

This hill offers spectacular views of the Bunaken Marine Park. And at sunset the colors make it an especially magical photo-op.

Lembeh Island Tour

Visit the Trikora war memorial, the statue of Jesus á la Rio, have some snacks at a quiet beach and wrap it all up with a superb view of the entire Lembeh Strait.

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