Turtle swimming near a reef of Bunaken

Diving in North Sulawesi

North Sulawesi consists of three main diving areas: the Bunaken National Marine Park on the west coast, the Bangka archipelago in the North and Lembeh Strait on the east coast. 

Despite covering an area that’s not very large, each of these areas offer entirely unique diving experiences. With access to over 150 dive sites, North Sulawesi is a fantastic place to spend your diving vacation.

With our resorts on both coasts of North Sulawesi, all areas are easily within reach.


Water temperature: between 26℃ (Lembeh) and up to 30℃ (Bunaken)

Topography: reef flats, coral walls, sand flats, pinnacles, slopes

Currents: generally mild, suitable for all skill levels

The diving areas of North Sulawesi

Map with North Sulawesi's diving area
Soft corals and red-tooth triggerfish at Bunaken

Bunaken Marine Park

Famed for its wall dives, Bunaken is home to countless turtles, and coral reefs with an abundance of marine life.

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A school of juvenile catfish at Bangka

Bangka Archipelago

At the very tip of North Sulawesi, coral pinnacles are home to squid, giant frogfish and large schools of fish.

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A mimic octopus at the Lembeh Strait

Lembeh Strait

Macro photographers love Lembeh for the strange critters living on the black sand bottoms and among the corals.

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Rinsing off in our Dive Center

Diving with us

Our dive operation is built to give you the diving holiday of a lifetime. We get you in and out of the water safely, comfortably, and with facilities that cater to all your diving needs.

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Take your PADI Course with the best diving school in North Sulawesi

PADI Diving Courses

We teach you scuba diving properly, at your own pace, and with zero shortcuts. This means that the PADI diving license you have earned with us forms a strong foundation for all your future diving trips.

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The Bunaken National Marine Park is not just for divers — snorkeling is just as fantastic here. Our specialized snorkeling trips are fun for the whole family.

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Freediver at our house reef at Thalassa Manado


If you want to take your snorkeling to the next level, our Freediving Instructors can teach you everything you need from our fully equipped freediving center at Thalassa Manado.

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