Lembeh Strait

Discover the world-famous Muck Diving Capital of the World

Muck diving Lembeh - the dive area

Muck diving in the Lembeh Strait is a totally unique experience.

Known as the Muck Diving Capital of the World, Lembeh’s reputation speaks for itself. The variety of bizarre critters you encounter here is nothing short of amazing.

Seemingly alien life forms roam the black sands — Banggai cardinal fish, pegasus, several types of frogfish, seahorses, tons of different cephalopods and many more creatures can be found.

Average boat travel: 10 minutes

Wetsuit: 3mm with extra vest or 5mm

What to see: frogfishes, scorpion fish, octopi, nudibranchs and slugs, mandarin fish

Muck diving Lembeh — highlights

WIth just under 50 dive dive sites within easy reach, the Lembeh Strait is an absolute walhalla for muck diving enthusiasts. For macro photographers in particular, the area always manages to bring something new and different. Although famous for muck diving, the Lembeh Strait is also home to coral formations with interesting topography. Our expert guides know the dive sites like the back of their hand and will happily help you discover the most diverse marine life in a unique location.

Muck diving Lembeh - A pygmy seahorse

Nudi Falls

If you enjoy macro photography, Nudi Falls is a great way to focus your lens on anything from the titular Nudibranchs to tiny frogfish slowly moving along the sand. There's a miniwall with an electric clam as well.

Muck diving Lembeh - Mating Mandarin Fish

Trikora Jetty

This imposing monument above the water is hides an amazing secret: it's home to Lembeh's colorful Mandarin fish. Sometimes you can witness them during their mating ritual.

Muck diving Lembeh - Flamboyant cuttlefish


At first, Hairball seems like a boring plain of black sand, but it's actually one of Lembeh's most famous dive sites. The amount of variety between all the critters is simply stunning.

Muck diving Lembeh - Stargazer

Air Perang

Air Perang means "water battle", named after two villages vying for control of drinking water back in the days. This site is perfect for an exciting night dive. Spot the stargazer peering up into the darkness.

Other diving areas

Bunaken National Marine Park

Famed for its wall dives, Bunaken is home to countless turtles, and coral reefs with an abundance of marine life.

Bangka Archipelago

At the very tip of North Sulawesi, coral pinnacles are home to squid, giant frogfish and large schools of fish.

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