Frequently Asked Questions

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How to get there

Manado International Airport (MDC) is currently serviced by Singapore Airlines and sister company Scoot four times a week.

Visa-on-arrival costs $35 USD cash for most countries as of the time of writing. Do check with your travel agent or government.

PCR, antigen tests and quarantine are no longer required for triple-vaccinated guests.

Our shuttle service takes you from the airport to the resort in 30 mins. Between both Manado and Lembeh, the new toll road makes it less than an hour.

At our resorts

We accept Visa/Mastercard or cash in Indonesian rupiah, Euros or US Dollars.

In general you don’t need any cash during your stay. We can provide pocket money if you wish, which we can settle at the end of your stay.

Free WiFi is available at both resorts.

Indonesia uses European Type C/F sockets (two prongs) at 220 volts, so if you’re from Europe you likely don’t need travel adapters.

We would be happy to take care of your child so that you can go diving.

A tip is always welcome, but please do not tip any individual staff members. 

Before your departure, you are invited to leave a tip with our office staff. This will be divided across the entire team.

Food & drink

Kindly let us know before your arrival, and our kitchen will take any precautions necessary.

Absolutely we can! If you have any preferences, do let us know before your arrival and we’ll accommodate you.

We provide drinking water in the rooms and resort lobbies. The tap water, though not suitable for drinking, is perfectly safe for showering, brushing teeth etc.

The ice we use in our drinks is made from drinking water, so it’s also quite safe.

Indonesian food is not only delicious, but it can be spicy as well. Our kitchen tends cater slightly more to Western tastebuds, and if you wish, we can always provide some extra heat!

In most cases, yes it is. Most street foods are cooked or fried. It’s a good sign if the place has plenty of customers.

North Sulawesi

8+ Greenwhich Mean Time (Asia-Makassar time).

North Sulawesi’s temperature is in the tropical 30ºC (86ºF) range all throughout the year.

It can rain more between the months of November through April/May. Starting in May, rainfall is less.

Malaria very rarely occurs in this area, so no need to bring malaria pills.

Prevent sunburn by applying reef-safe sun lotion, wear a hat and stay in the shade as much as posisble.

Bahasa Indonesia is widely understood as it’s the lingua franca, but in North Sulawesi most people speak Manadonese. English is generally not spoken here, except at the airport and of course at our resorts.

Religion is an important part of daily life. Around 60% of North Sulawesi is primarily Christian.

North Sulawesi is mildly conservative, so we advise our guests to wear sensible and practical clothing. It’s generally expected to wear shorts sleeves.

Absolutely yes! You will find the people here (in the resort as well as Manado City) to be incredibly welcoming and warm. You don’t have to worry about theft or other crimes.

We are quite blessed to live here.

Diving with us

We have a fully supplied dive center with rental equipment. Let us know beforehand what you need, and in what size.

Yes, your legs and back will be grateful.

At Bunaken and Manado, the sea water is around the 28ºC (82.4ºF) range. At Lembeh, it’s usually a little colder: 26ºC (78.8ºF) up to 28ºC (82.4ºF). For most people, diving in a 3mm wetsuit is more than adequate.

A 3mm wetsuit is adequate for most divers.

We prefer guests not to wear gloves so that you don’t accidentally grab coral or other lifeforms.

Usually we have 4 divers per guide.

Yes, Nitrox is available at both our resorts.

We have 12 liter aluminum tanks, with DIN or Yoke (International) valves.

15 Liter tanks are available, although in limited numbers, so do ask ahead.

In Manado, our bigger dive boats have toilets on board. In Lembeh all the dive sites are much more close by, so you don’t have to wait long until you’re back at the resort.

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