Guests debriefing a dive and rinsing off

Diving with us

We don’t want you to do much on your holiday. That’s why we bring your gear to the boat and set it up for you. All you need to do is double-check your setup before departure, and when everything is complete and OK, your fun day of diving can begin.

Our flexible diving trips of up to 3 dives per day and a night dive (see below), allow you to take home some amazing memories of North Sulawesi’s underwater world.

Do you need some more breathing room? 15 liter tanks are available on request. DIN or International (yoke) tanks are available, so everybody gets to enjoy scuba diving no matter what.

Our diving operation

Prep & carry service: we gather, assemble, disassemble and rinse your gear

Number of Dives: 3 dives per day + 1 night dive

Guided diving: Max 4 divers per guide

EANx: available on request

Dive boats: comfy boats with sun roofs

What divers can expect

Guides and crew on our dive boat

Expert guides and crew

Our team of guides and crew work with all sorts of divers: ranging from young children to recreational divers and pro photographers. Divers using wheelchairs praise our team for their patience and care.

Dive planning at Thalassa Lembeh

Daily dive planning

Daily, our staff will ask your plan for tomorrow, so we can organize our boats, tanks and equipment. Everything is ready for you the following day: just step on board.

Guests testing a mask on our dive boat

Comfortable dive boats

Our shaded boats come with emergency oxygen, first aid kits and safe tank storage. A tub with fresh water holds your camera and computer. Tea, coffee or water with a snack and a towel complete the dive.

Dive center at Thalassa Manado

Fully equipped rental center

Our Dive Center at Manado is fully stocked with wetsuits, BCD’s, masks, fins and snorkels for all sizes and age groups, for scuba divers as well as freedivers and snorkelers.

Camera room at Thalassa Manado

Camera rooms with AC

If you need a place to tinker with your equipment, you can do so at our air-conditioned camera rooms. These come with charging stations and workbenches for your camera and strobes.

Filling station at Thalassa Lembeh

Tanks for everyone

We offer DIN or International in 12 liter or 15 liter tanks. Depending on availability, we can fill EANx as well. On the boat, our staff assist with analyzing your gas mixture.

Dive planning


  • 08:00
  • 10:00
  • Return to resort for lunch


  • 10:00
  • Lunch on board
  • 14:00

Full day

  • 08:00
  • 10:00
  • Lunch on board
  • 14:00

Night diving

Night divers walking to the boat

Night diving at Thalassa Manado

Besides the “standard” night dives, we offer Bonfire as well as Black Water Diving, which is very alluring for underwater photographers. For Advanced Open Water students, this can be quite an adventurous dive too. Didn’t bring a torch? No problem, we gladly loan you one.

Starts at 18:00 - Minimum of 4 divers

At Thalassa Manado we visit either our House Reef or Black Rock, mere minutes away from the resort. 

Black Rock’s topography is a combination of sandy slopes and coral-encrusted rocks, with a wide variety of life to be seen.

Both of these sites are quite near the resort, so you won’t have to wait very long for dinner after a night dive.

A Mandarinfish at Lembeh Strait

Night diving at Thalassa Lembeh

You will be amazed at how much there is to see. Don’t forget to turn off your torch for a moment so you can witness the bioluminescent life underwater. From the elusive Stargazer to the charming Mandarinfish, you never know what you will run into here in North Sulawesi.

Starts at 18:00 - Minimum of 2 divers

From Lembeh we visit either Nudi Falls (sandy bottom with mini-wall) or Air Perang (sand flats).

Mandarinfish diving: 16:30 (on Sundays only)

Witness the Mandarinfishes’ fantastic mating ritual. Your camera strobes may flash, but please only use red light continuously, because white light will interrupt their coitus. And that makes no-one happy.