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Duikteam Baerne and the Trash Zombies

Duikteam Baerne at Thalassa

In our first ever guest post on this blog, Marlies Wolters, owner of Dive O’ Clock offered to share her experiences while staying at Thalassa with members of her diving club. How do we handle 22 crazy divers that all wish to dive together AND set the record for most beers consumed during a holiday? Find out in this post.

Fendy on the left, with members of his team

Fendy: dive guide and instructor

In this series of blog posts, we introduce you to our PADI instructors. This week, our resident diving supervisor Fendy Galeang (30) shares some stories with us…

Satoka in the swimming pool giving ok signal

A PADI Instructor in Indonesia: Satoka Kubo

In this series of blog posts, we introduce you to our PADI instructors. Satoka Kubo (29) has been working with us at Thalassa since 2017 as PADI instructor, dive guide and marketing manager.

Our garden near the Hilltop rooms

From the veggie garden to the restaurant

Regular guests will know we used to have a little veggie garden at our resort in Manado next to the lounge area. Unfortunately, the stuff just refused to grow, but now we have a new garden and it’s doing great.

Gisele and Stanley at Bunaken National Park

Freediving in 2019: simply breathtaking

Interested in trying out freediving with the Indonesian record holder as your instructor? Well, have we got some news for you, because, as of 2019, Thalassa Dive Resort Manado will be offering you the chance to do just that!

Supplies ready to go

The Palu Relief Effort

On September 28th 2018 Palu in Central Sulawesi was struck by tragedy. An earthquake with a 7.5 magnitude leveled and damaged over 70.000 houses, displaced thousands and caused the deaths of at least 2.100 people. Resorts all over Sulawesi pulled together to organize a Palu relief effort.

A happy Women's Dive Day participant

We won PADI’s Women’s Dive Day video contest!

When we posted our video to celebrate PADI Women’s Dive Day last July, we entered it in PADI’s video contest. PADI liked it so much they selected it as one of the winners! High fives all around when they informed us of the following…

Cooking prize at Manado Culinary Fiesta

Manado Fiesta is a yearly event held in Manado, taking place from August 30th until September 9th this year. Different cultural festivities including music, art, fashion, religion and of course, food are celebrated all over town. The Manado Culinary Fiesta is the chance for chefs to show off their cooking skills. Our chef and resort manager Arnol managed to snag a cooking prize in Manado!

PADI IDC in Indonesia

Looking for a PADI IDC in Indonesia? Teaching others is a rare gift, and there is nothing like seeing your students grow and develop into

Women’s Dive Day 2018

Known as Women’s Dive Day, today we’re celebrating women in diving. If you know Thalassa a little bit, you know we also sponsor a school,

Divers walking on jetty.

Visit our resort on Lembeh

Opening its doors in October 2017, Thalassa Dive Resort Lembeh is a fan-favorite among both repeaters and new guests. So if you are on the

Manadonese for beginners, our staff will teach you a few words.

Manadonese For Beginners

During your stay here in North Sulawesi, one of the most immediate and lasting impressions is the ubiquitous sound of Iyooooo — Manadonese for “yes”.