Diver Spotlight: Vinnieke Rianto

Vinnieke Rianto's Bobtail Squid

Vinnieke took some time out to be interviewed: how she is overcoming her fear of deep water, discovering the joy underwater photography and more…

Diver Spotlight: Raymond Wennekes

Raymond Wennekes

Join us as we chat with photographer Raymond, who won several awards with his stunning photography.

Diver Spotlight: Alex del Olmo

Alex del Olmo

Award-winning videographer Alex was our guest before the pandemic, and he’s shot some amazing footage while he was here.

How to Prevent Diving Injuries

Prevent diving injuries

We learn not just about the fun of diving, but also what can potentially go wrong. This time we’re joined by Dr Jan-Jaap Brant Corstius who will explain everything you need to know to about medical complications and (most importantly) how to prevent them.

Plankton, Jellyfish and Bioluminescence

Plankton, Jellyfish and Bioluminescence

If you were ever curious about your next black water dive with us, let us introduce Steven Haddock to you. He will reveal his deep knowledge about the fascinating creatures that live in (and light up) the darkness.