Single Room

Thalassa Dive & Wellbeing Resort Manado

Single Room view
Thalassa Manado Single Room
Thalassa Manado Single Room
View from single room
Single room

For solo travelers, our Single Rooms are ideal. A short flight of stairs takes you up to one of 2 smaller-sized accommodations. It’s almost as if you’re living in a treehouse (but with windows!). The Single Rooms are air-conditioned, and come with practically all amenities that you also find in our bungalows.

Below the staircase is a patio where you can enjoy a good book accompanied by the sounds of nature.

Single Room Floor Plan

Other Accommodation

Modern, free-standing accommodation with private terrace. Comes with everything you need for a superb vacation in the tropics.

In a quiet corner overlooking a fish pond with a shared patio, our villas are perfect for families or diving clubs. With private, open-air bathroom.

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