Christmas in North Sulawesi, You’re Invited!

Beautiful soft corals at Bunaken

If you’re a single traveler and you want to experience something different during the Christmas season, why not spend it in warm, tropical water?

For many divers, including singles (more on that later), Christmas is the perfect excuse to get away from the cold holiday season. Instead, why not spend Christmas in North Sulawesi? Swim in warm, tropical water, meet like-minded people and enjoy some fantastic diving.

Celebrating Christmas in North Sulawesi

North Sulawesi is mostly Christian, which is why Christmas is a pretty big deal here. The churches are packed with people singing, kitchens are buzzing with activity, serving anything from simple cookies to spit-roast pork.

It’s no different for us: our teams love to organize a good Christmas and New Year’s party. There will be food, drink, singing and dancing, and we invite you to join the fun.

Celebrating Christmas with staff in North Sulawesi
Everyone’s invited!

Diving North Sulawesi during Christmas

Dive the Bunaken National Marine Park and explore the countless turtles, vivid coral reefs and huge amounts of fish. Moreover, this area is especially attractive for snorkelers and freedivers. Bunaken’s pristine reefs and abundance of underwater life is something truly special.

Or go muck diving at Lembeh to find the strangest critters in the Lembeh Strait. If you enjoy macro photography, Lembeh is an absolute treasure for your camera lens. Because the dive sites are close to each other, you get to see a lot, even during a shorter stay.

Want to stay at both resorts? Why not, it’s entirely up to you!

View from the swimming pool at Thalassa Lembeh
This could be the Christmas card for your loved ones (Thalassa Lembeh)

Special Christmas Offer

For every 6 nights you stay, we give you the 7th night for free. And for every 9 dives you do, the 10th one is free. This is great value compared to our usual 10 + 1 dives policy. This means you simply get to dive more. This is a perfect way to enjoy a diving holiday with your family and friends.

If you’re interested to celebrate Christmas and New Years’ here in North Sulawesi, make an inquiry and we will make you an offer to spend the holiday season in style!

School Kids Traditional Dancing at New Years Eve
Round and round, into the new year!

Christmas Getaway Packages for Singles

And now for you single divers. We understand that the holiday season in particular makes you want to get out and about.

That’s why we put together a few awesome packages that includes everything already mentioned. And if you decide to stay in Lembeh, this special offer also comes with a free night dive.

The Conditions

The prices mentioned apply to single accommodation, but get in touch with us for a custom Christmas package for couples, groups or families.

Booking window: Oct 1st until Nov 30th
Staying window: Dec 1st until Jan 15th
The free night dive applies to a stay at Lembeh only. Prices are per person.

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I'm a PADI Advanced Open Water diver, I do guest relations and resort management at Thalassa Dive Resorts Indonesia. Whether I'm diving the walls of Bunaken to spot schools of fish & turtles, or explore the sandy flats of Lembeh with its fascinating underwater creatures- I love all of it.

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