"Relaxed, flexible diving holiday in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. 5* PADI Dive Resort Thalassa and her team dives in the Bunaken National Park, Lembeh Strait and Bangka Archipelago. Amazing coral reefs, abundant critters and fish life. The highest diversity in the world ..." 

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Thalassa Dive Resort & 5* PADI Dive Center ... where guests leave as friends!

Hi, I am Simone; welcome to our website. I hope you will like it and it reflects who we are and what we have to offer.

I think that for both, divers and non-divers, our resort and North Sulawesi has perfect opportunities to have a relaxing holiday, good food and lots, lots of beautiful nature, both on land as under water.

Not so long ago, we started with very little and to be where we are today would not have been possible without the hard work of the whole Thalassa team. Come and experience this yourself and enjoy reading! 

Who are we

Thalassa Resort & 5* PADI Dive Center, formerly called Barracuda, has been one of the first three dive resorts operating in North Sulawesi and opened its doors as early as 1988. Since the 1 April 2013 Thalassa’s Dive Team has taken over this small resort.

The owner of the premises, Mr. Atek, still lives closeby and although during the past years the resort was closed, he still has a warm heart for the place. You might see him around, enjoying the hustle and bustle of a lively dive resort.

Our “green” resort offers spacious air conditioned Bungalows, Cottages and Hilltop rooms with a great view over the bay of Manado. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, mosquito net, private bathroom, hot-water shower and toilet amenities. Our small team does everything to offer you the best service in a relaxed and familiar atmosphere. 

Our Philosophy: Thalassa's Team... from where guests leave as friends!

This is our main philosophy. We want you to feel at home, comfortable, free and sense the hospitality and friendliness of our team. We want you to feel not wanting to leave us and more importantly, we want you to come back as many of our friends did and do year after year. Our team enjoys giving you a good time, and even if there are minor problems, everything in our power will be done to solve the problem and/or make up for it. For us you are not only a guest; you are our friend!

Our Philosophy: Thalassa goes Green...We say "NO" to plastic!

We want to try to reduce the amount of plastic in our direct environment and thus in the world and we would like to ask you to participate in our efforts and consider buying one of our stainless steel water bottles.

These attractive bottles are both a nice souvenir as well as a means of donating a small amount to the local school. All over the resort and on our boats you will find gallons of water to fill your thermos or if you prefer not to buy one, your glass or mug.

In your room you will find jugs with drinking water as much as you like. Let's say "NO" to plastic; all small bits help. 

Our Philosophy: Be stronger than your taste buds

Being on a holiday implies many pleasant things; great diving and snorkelling, sightseeing, relaxing around a nice pool and very often discovering the local cuisine and enjoying the food. We want to give you all that and more, but we are also aware that in some cases we have to put the environment before your taste buds. We will not serve you any endangered (reef) fish or other sea food. The reefs of Indonesia are heavily threatened by illegal and destructive fishing and although we are aware that we can only influence this on a very limited scale, this is what we stand for. We hope you will support this philosophy as well when eating in other restaurants in the region.  

New Thalassa shirts & bottles

Have a look at our new Thalassa shirts and bottles here. 

Guinness World Record

Thalassa team guest friends planting corals in front of Manado. Read more & see pictures here

IDC 2017


EFR Instructor 15 & 16 May 2017, IDC 18 May until 3 June 2017, Master Scuba Diving Prep Course 5-8 June 2017, I.E. 11-12 June 2017


EFR 13 & 14 October 2017, IDC 16 until 30 October 2017 (2 days off), Master Scuba Diving Prep Course 1-4 Nov 2017, I.E. 7-8 Nov 2017

Fund Raising Swim

On the 5th of June 2016 at least 40 students and alumni students from the Dive Tourism School in Tongkeina swam from the mainland to Bunaken Island to raise money for the Dive tourism school. Read more here.

Coral Day 2015

The Coral Day 2015 on Bangka Island has again recorded great success. See pictures here.