Duikteam Baerne at Thalassa

Duikteam Baerne and the Trash Zombies

In our first ever guest post on this blog, Marlies Wolters, owner of Dive O’ Clock offered to share her experiences while staying at Thalassa with members of her diving club. How do we handle 22 crazy divers that all wish to dive together AND set the record for most beers consumed during a holiday? Find out in this post.

DUIKEN – Manado & Bunaken

Turtle hanging out at Bunaken

This article originally appeared in scuba diving website and magazine Duiken (“diving” in Dutch). This piece focuses on diving at Bunaken, Manado and the Bunaken Marine Park. Original text: Judith Rietveld, photos: Daniel Versteeg. Both Manado and Lembeh are part of Sulawesi, the fourth largest island in Indonesia. It is a relatively undiscovered destination compared to the popular […]

DUIKEN — Lembeh Strait

Pipefish at Lembeh Strait

The following article originally appeared Dutch scuba diving website and magazine Duiken (“diving” in Dutch), focusing on the Lembeh Strait and its fantastic muck diving. Original text: Judith Rietveld, photos: Daniel Versteeg. Duiken at Lembeh Strait Do you enjoy looking for strange creatures in the sand or do you prefer diving on the spectacular reefs of Bunaken? You […]

How big is Indonesia actually?

For a long time, the name “Indonesia” was almost synonymous with “Bali”, but in reality, Indonesia is bigger, way bigger than just that one tiny island among 17,500. So how big is Indonesia? To understand how big Indonesia is, know that it covers a good 1,9 million square kilometers. Consequently, it’s the world’s 14th largest […]

Visit our resort on Lembeh

Divers walking on jetty.

Since opening its doors in October 2017, Thalassa Dive Resort Lembeh has become a fan-favorite among both repeaters and new guests. So if you are on the fence about visiting Lembeh, let’s take a closer look at our resort. Getting to Lembeh & the resort On the east coast of North Sulawesi, you will find […]

Our new promo video is out

Thalassa Promo Video thumbnail.

Here is our brand new promo video, which was created especially for the dive shows we’re attending in 2018. The video is full of good summer vibes, and hits the right notes all the way through.