We won PADI’s Women’s Dive Day video contest!

A happy Women's Dive Day participant

When we posted our video to celebrate PADI Women’s Dive Day last July, we entered it in PADI’s video contest. PADI liked it so much they selected it as one of the winners! High fives all around when they informed us of the following… Congratulations! Your video submission for the 2018 PADI Women’s Dive Day […]

PADI IDC in Indonesia

Teaching others is a rare gift, and there is nothing like seeing your students grow and develop into world-class divers. This experience can be yours by taking our Instructor Development Course. PADI Course Directors Frans Rattu and Simone Gerritsen will lead you through the whole course. With so much experience under one roof, you’re guaranteed […]

Artificial reefs in North Sulawesi

Fish taking shelter in our house reef at Manado

Artificial reefs in North Sulawesi are incredibly varied, so you can find all kinds of life. North Sulawesi is still a relatively unknown diving hot spot. However, anyone who visited before knows how rich the biodiversity is. That is to say, lazy turtles hang out on the corals and schools of reef fish dart through […]

Women’s Dive Day 2018

Known as Women’s Dive Day, today we’re celebrating women in diving. If you know Thalassa a little bit, you know we also sponsor a school, where we train local kids as dive guides or hotel staff. For Women’s Dive Day 2018 we invited all of our dive students’ mothers to try out diving in our […]

Wreck diving North Sulawesi

Molas Shipwreck davits

Wreck diving is not exactly what North Sulawesi is famous for. But if you like to dive wrecks, we have a great dive site right on our doorstep: the Molas Shipwreck. Details about the wreck are scarce, and the little information we found is not very reliable. For instance. Wannadive.net says the ship was called […]