"Relaxed, flexible diving holiday in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. 5* PADI Dive Resort Thalassa and her team dives in the Bunaken National Park, Lembeh Strait and Bangka Archipelago. Amazing coral reefs, abundant critters and fish life. The highest diversity in the world ..." 

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Good to know...

Before making a reservation for your diving holiday in North Sulawesi and more specifically with Thalassa Dive Resort, we recommend you to read our "Good To Know" chapter; so you will have less hassle once you are on holiday. 

Seasons in North Sulawesi

North Sulawesi roughly has two seasons; a "wet season" and a "dry season”. For the past years the weather has been unpredictable and the general "rule of thumb" cannot be guaranteed. During the North-West monsoon, the wind is stronger and brings in more rain. The official rainy season starts around mid-October and lasts until mid-April. After this the South East monsoon starts bringing in the dry winds. For the past three years the seasons have been unpredictable and there is no more clear distinction between the dry and wet season. March and April can still be quite o.k. and May can be rough. 

The best months, without too much rain, not too much wind and in general good visibility is from May to end of September. The months March, April, October, November and December are usually still quite good, with rain only in the (late) afternoons and evenings. The months January and February are usually quite wet, but because of the cooler water brings in more pelagic fish, sharks and whales. Unusual spotting of Mantas, Whale Sharks, Sperm Whales and Orcas also occur between December and April. 

Water Temperature and Visibility

The water temperature is quite constant 28 degrees all through the year with the exception of November (usually quite high temperatures up to 29 degrees) and January to March with temperatures as low as 26 degrees on some days. The visibility varies between 20-40 meters. In the rainy season the coast sides can be a bit less. 

Bunaken National Park Fee

All visitors of Bunaken National Park are required an entrance fee. Divers and snorkelers need to purchase a Bunaken Pin at IDR 150'000 per stay. It is also a nice souvenir. 

Money Exchange and Payments

The valuta in Indonesia is the Rupiah. You are a millionaire before you know it. The best and cheapest way to get Rupiah is from an ATM (at the airport or in town) or through a money changer. For payments in the resort you can run a tab and pay upon departure either in cash Rupiah, US$ or Euro. Payment with a major credit cards is also possible against no additional fee. 


Despite information you might get in your home country in this region you will not be prone to getting malaria. The medication against this disease is often worse than the risk of getting it and very often a bad combination with diving. Normal precautions like covering yourself at the end of the day and using a repellent is more than enough to counter the risks of getting malaria.

Travelling with Children

North Sulawesi is a paradise for children: It is safe, friendly and filled with babysitters who can help you to enjoy your holiday too. While you are enjoying the underwater world the nanny will take care of your children and can even come with you on board. Thalassa offers a babysitter service free of charge.

The resort has also a spacious "kiddy pool" for the smallest ones to play in. The slightly older ones can come snorkelling or can even do a Bubblemaker program

Travel Insurance

Tourist Accident/Casualty insurances are not part of our packages or customised excursions. We highly recommend that you purchase full coverage travel insurance from you country of origin. 

Safety First

As you know, we take your safety very seriously. That is why we limit the dive depths to an absolute of 40 meters (120 ft) and the dive time to 60 minutes. We insist on using a dive computer during your dives and to stay out of the decompression zone.

Nevertheless accidents sometimes happen even without a reason. Therefore we always have a sufficient supply of oxygen available and our staff is trained to assemble and provide it and when necessary transfer the diver to the recompression chamber in Manado.

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New Thalassa shirts & bottles

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Guinness World Record

Thalassa team guest friends planting corals in front of Manado. Read more & see pictures here

IDC 2017


EFR Instructor 15 & 16 May 2017, IDC 18 May until 3 June 2017, Master Scuba Diving Prep Course 5-8 June 2017, I.E. 11-12 June 2017


EFR 13 & 14 October 2017, IDC 16 until 30 October 2017 (2 days off), Master Scuba Diving Prep Course 1-4 Nov 2017, I.E. 7-8 Nov 2017

Fund Raising Swim

On the 5th of June 2016 at least 40 students and alumni students from the Dive Tourism School in Tongkeina swam from the mainland to Bunaken Island to raise money for the Dive tourism school. Read more here.

Coral Day 2015

The Coral Day 2015 on Bangka Island has again recorded great success. See pictures here.