Garuda Airlines changed their flight schedule, and it’s perfect.

From Amsterdam to Manado with Garuda - yay!

SilkAir will cease flying the Singapore – Manado route starting in May. In its place, Scoot will service the route but tickets are not on sale yet. In this post, we take a look at a solid alternative.

As you might be aware, SilkAir’s direct flight from Singapore to Manado will soon™ be transitioned to sister company Scoot. The long drawn out handling of this transition directly results in no tickets being available after May 2020. This is bad news for guests who love to come to North Sulawesi, especially because we depend on divers (you!). But every cloud has a silver lining…

How do we deal with this?

I want to book my holiday with you, but to my astonishment I can’t find any flights. What’s going on??

A concerned potential guest

We’ve received quite a few e-mails from people asking us why they can’t book any flights with SilkAir anymore. Each time our reply is: “sorry, but we know as little as you do”.
Singapore Airlines, Scoot and Silkair remain tight-lipped about the situation. You can imagine the frustration felt by all resorts and tourism businesses in North Sulawesi.

The bottom line is: all of us are still waiting for Scoot to begin selling their Singapore – Manado tickets. It’s a grim situation for us.

And now, the good news

But, there is some good news. In fact, there’s some great news…

It’s called Garuda Airlines.

Garuda have stepped up and made flights available from Amsterdam to Jakarta, with only a 2,5 hour stopover until Manado. This is fantastic, because Garuda fills a huge gap that Singapore Airlines leaves behind. It also means you now fly to Manado in almost as much time as with Singapore/SilkAir.

Garuda is even offering an extra 23kg for your diving gear. How is that not great news?

We don’t work with Garuda, nor with any of their representatives, but right now they are a firm favorite!

So let us know if you have any vacation plans. We will be happy to organize a wonderful diving holiday with you. Right here in beautiful North Sulawesi.

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