Our guests Wim & Désirée have been waiting for a whole pandemic before they finally arrived! We asked them a few questions during an improvised interview in our school, and of course we have another update!

Polyps – the Reef Dwellers

You’ve probably heard of polyps, the tiny creatures forming corals, among others. But what are they exactly and how do they live? Let’s dive in!

An empty swimming pool…

Keeping busy during downtime

It’s been more than 6 months since we haven’t been able to welcome you to our resorts. Nevertheless, we work hard in the face of economical hardship. In this post I share some of the activities we undertake during this crisis.

Aqua Lung Pro HD BCD Review

Aqua Lung Pro HD BCD Review

We received the new Aqua Lung Pro HD BCD from Master Selam in Jakarta, and our Course Director Simone had a few things to share

A sea turtle swimming along a Bunaken Reef

Celebrating World Sea Turtle Day

The Bunaken National Marine Park is perfect for spotting sea turtles, whether you are snorkeling above the coral reefs or at depth along one of

Giant clam at Fukui Point

Four creatures and their mating rituals

Today we’re highlighting four animals you can find in the waters around North Sulawesi. Specifically, we’re talking about how they mate. This article originally appeared over at Diveplanit and features the Great Barrier Reef, but half of the animals listed there can be found in our area as well.

Where do all these Manadonese dive guides come from?

This article was originally written in German, by our friend Liliane Hennicke at Manta Reisen. In this post she describes how Simone Gerritsen started with an idea and ended up with North Sulawesi’s most successful diving education for local dive guides.

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