Is the EU about to finally ban shark finning?

Whitetip Reefshark

Our friends at Shark Guardian posted the following regarding EU legislation on shark finning:

The wait is over.

The European Commission has just responded to our call for a shark fin trade ban.

The EU has committed to conducting an impact assessment on the environmental, social, and economic consequences of a shark fin ban within the European Union. This assessment, set to be completed by the end of 2023, is a crucial step towards ensuring that all aspects are carefully considered before implementing new regulations.

It also minimizes the risk of potential legal challenges down the line. We firmly believe that this impact assessment will prove what we have been advocating for all along that there is no alternative but to enforce a legally binding trade ban on shark fins.

Change doesn’t happen overnight. It requires time and dedication. Look at the United Kingdom as an inspiring example! After years of us all tirelessly campaigning, the UK government recently passed a law banning shark finning.

Our journey with Stop Finning – Stop the Trade is far from over, but we are heading in a very positive direction. We need your support!

To ensure that the voice of 1.1 million EU citizens is heard loud and clear in Brussels, we kindly ask for you to make our voice louder; your support will make a significant difference in our fight to protect these majestic creatures.

Share our post, tag @stopfinningeu, #finbannow visit to donate whatever you can afford. Join us on this crucial mission towards a #FinBanNow! Together, we can create a better future for sharks and the oceans they call home.

Head to to read the full response. Thank you for standing with us and making this possible 🦈🦈🦈

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