"Relaxed, flexible diving holiday in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. 5* PADI Dive Resort Thalassa and her team dives in the Bunaken National Park, Lembeh Strait and Bangka Archipelago. Amazing coral reefs, abundant critters and fish life. The highest diversity in the world ..." 

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North Sulawesi by Car, by Boat and by Foot

You are not a diver but want to experience the beauty of the sea and marine life too? No problem, we can bring you with one of our boats to the islands Bunaken, Manado Tua or Siladen.

However, also the inland of North Sulawesi has a lot to offer. There is an unspoiled jungle area where you can stand face to face with the famous Tarsier, you can cool off under one of the spectacular waterfalls, visit the traditional pottery village, climb a volcano or visit other aspects of volcanic activity. Thalassa can show you the highlights of North Sulawesi in a comfortable and caring way. 

Discover Bunaken

Our trip to this beautiful island will give you ample opportunity to enjoy the local atmosphere, the beautiful landscape and nature.

You can walk through the Bunaken village and visit the small souvenir market while your guide answers all your questions. Afterwards you can enjoy a tasty lunch at Liang Beach. Would you like to take a look underwater without getting wet? There is time for a trip on the glass bottom boat: a unique way to look at the spectacular corals and the rich marine life of Bunaken National Park. 

Activities on Land

Although North Sulawesi does not have a very ancient and rich culture it is worthwhile to explore the highlands. The Minahasa highland, south of Manado, is very mountainous. It is covered with rice fields, clove and fruit trees, vanilla and other crops.

Thalassa organizes day and half day trips to interesting and beautiful places in these volcanic highlands.

Place of Interests

At 700 meters above sea level, sandwiched between the two active volcanoes Lokon and Mahawu, this is a pleasantly cool town full of flowers. This center of Christian missionaries is not only a wonderful place to escape the heat of Manado, but also worth a visit, because the land around Tomohon is covered with flowers, horticultural crops and rice fields, which the locals call "padi's". Here you’ll also find the "Bukit Inspirasi" loosely translated as, "Inspiration Hill". This is a special meeting place for Christian churches.

Pulutan and Woloan
Pulutan is a traditional pottery village. Make your hands dirty and create your own souvenir. Woloan is the village where the "Rumah Adat", the local houses, are made. You can compare this village to a showroom where you can pick your own house, have it wrapped up and bring it home.

If you love history, this village is a must. Here you will find the largest collection of "Warugas” in Sulawesi. The "Warugas" are rectangular shaped sarcophagi of the ancient Minahasan people whose culture stretches back to the 9th century.

Volcanoes Lokon or Mahawu

The volcanoes Lokon (1580 m) and Mahawu (1311 m) both have beautiful lakes: indigo-coloured and bubbling.

Lokon is considered the more beautiful of the two. If you are reasonably fit, you can walk in about 1.5 hours to the top.

Mahawu can be easily reached by car and only the last steps have to be climbed by foot. Once you are on the top you can walk around the crater and enjoy the spectacular view over the Islands.

Kali Waterfall
This spectacular waterfall is located in the village of Kali Pineleng, about 10 km from Manado. The clear water pours down from 60 meters height. It is an ideal place to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and take a quick dip. It's about a 30 minutes' walk to get to the waterfall.

Lake LinowThe beautiful but strange Lake Linow is not far from Tomohon. Its colours are continuously changing. Sometimes it is red, sometimes green and sometimes blue. This is definitely a wonderful spectacle and a great place to relax and unwind.

Enjoy a bath in the hot springs of Ranopaso, about 3 km outside Tondano. In the vicinity are bungalows available for overnight stays. Tamaska Hijau Situated on a plain surrounded by rice fields, this area offers a magnificent panorama of the surrounding mountain ranges. There are hot springs to relax in and opportunities to stay overnight.

Tangkoko Jungle Reserve
In the northeast of the province some of the original jungle is still intact. A trip through this sanctuary, called Tangkoko, offers you the chance to get face to face with the famous world's smallest half-monkey, the Tarsier. During the easy-going 2.5 hours hike you can meet Macaques, Hornbills, Cuscus, snakes, giant spiders and all other plant and animal life the jungle has to offer. The trip can be perfectly combined with a 2-dive trip to the Bangka Archipelago.  

Thalassa's cooking classes

Are you interested in Indonesian cuisine and the wide variety of herbs and spices? Then a cooking class with one of our Thalassa chefs is a must for you. After choosing the menu you go together with Glen, Arnold or Nor to the local market in Manado. Already here you might come in touch with some for you still unknown vegetables, spices and herbs. In the afternoon you will start with the preparation under the guidance of one of our chefs. You will then cook from starter to dessert either only for yourself (and partner or friends) or for all guests.You will not get only the recipe handed out as a souvenir but also the Thalassa apron with your name embroided.

Thalassa's fruit carving classes

Arnold is our master chef and an absolute artist when it comes to decorating and garnishing dishes and desserts. He also gives our “fruit carving” lessons. An artwork that looks easier than it is but with patience and skills he teaches you to create very beautiful creatures with simple means. The course lasts 3 hours and you can of course do several sessions to learn various options and decorations.

New Thalassa shirts & bottles

Have a look at our new Thalassa shirts and bottles here. 

Guinness World Record

Thalassa team guest friends planting corals in front of Manado. Read more & see pictures here

IDC 2017


EFR Instructor 15 & 16 May 2017, IDC 18 May until 3 June 2017, Master Scuba Diving Prep Course 5-8 June 2017, I.E. 11-12 June 2017


EFR 13 & 14 October 2017, IDC 16 until 30 October 2017 (2 days off), Master Scuba Diving Prep Course 1-4 Nov 2017, I.E. 7-8 Nov 2017

Fund Raising Swim

On the 5th of June 2016 at least 40 students and alumni students from the Dive Tourism School in Tongkeina swam from the mainland to Bunaken Island to raise money for the Dive tourism school. Read more here.

Coral Day 2015

The Coral Day 2015 on Bangka Island has again recorded great success. See pictures here.