"Relaxed, flexible diving holiday in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. 5* PADI Dive Resort Thalassa and her team dives in the Bunaken National Park, Lembeh Strait and Bangka Archipelago. Amazing coral reefs, abundant critters and fish life. The highest diversity in the world ..." 

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The Ring of Fire

The volcanoes of North Sulawesi are part of the "Ring of Fire" around the earth. Of course you can visit volcanoes on the mainland, but you can also do so under water.

Traces of their activity can be found in the north, at a dive site called “Paradise Jetty”. Here hot water comes up from the seabed.

While diving in this extraordinary archipelago it soon becomes clear that this is a relatively new area where most species of hard coral haven’t even had the chance to grow yet.

Basalt Rocks

Under water, basalt rocks are covered with the most amazingly coloured soft corals. Around the pillars, large schools of yellow snappers have the time of their lives. And the many caverns and sponges form the perfect hiding place for many small but interesting sea creatures. It is nature at its best. Because of the waves, the visibility is not always as good as around the sites of Bunaken National Park, but this area is not something you want to miss. With a minimum of 6 participants, we will be very happy to take you there.  

New Thalassa shirts & bottles

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Guinness World Record

Thalassa team guest friends planting corals in front of Manado. Read more & see pictures here

IDC 2017


EFR Instructor 15 & 16 May 2017, IDC 18 May until 3 June 2017, Master Scuba Diving Prep Course 5-8 June 2017, I.E. 11-12 June 2017


EFR 13 & 14 October 2017, IDC 16 until 30 October 2017 (2 days off), Master Scuba Diving Prep Course 1-4 Nov 2017, I.E. 7-8 Nov 2017

Fund Raising Swim

On the 5th of June 2016 at least 40 students and alumni students from the Dive Tourism School in Tongkeina swam from the mainland to Bunaken Island to raise money for the Dive tourism school. Read more here.

Coral Day 2015

The Coral Day 2015 on Bangka Island has again recorded great success. See pictures here.