The best of 2020

The best of 2020

For our final broadcast in 2020, we picked our best underwater macro- and wide angle videography, as well as our picks for the funniest moments of than 36 hours of streaming! Hope to see you all with us! 🥳

Polyps – the Reef Dwellers


You’ve probably heard of polyps, the tiny creatures forming corals, among others. But what are they exactly and how do they live? Let’s dive in! 👌

Plankton, Jellyfish and Bioluminescence

Plankton, Jellyfish and Bioluminescence

If you were ever curious about your next black water dive with us, let us introduce Steven Haddock to you. He will reveal his deep knowledge about the fascinating creatures that live in (and light up) the darkness.

Holothuria – the Secret Life of Sea Cucumbers

Holothuria - the Secret Life of Sea Cucumbers

For this broadcast, we explore the fascinating world of echinoderms. Join us for another hour full of fun facts about the often-overlooked sea cucumber!

Keeping busy during downtime

An empty swimming pool…

It’s been more than 6 months since we haven’t been able to welcome you to our resorts. Nevertheless, we work hard in the face of economical hardship. In this post I share some of the activities we undertake during this crisis.

Aqua Lung Pro HD BCD Review

Aqua Lung Pro HD BCD Review

We received the new Aqua Lung Pro HD BCD from Master Selam in Jakarta, and our Course Director Simone had a few things to share about her new piece of diving gear. Check out Master Selam here: Aqua Lung:

Celebrating World Sea Turtle Day

A sea turtle swimming along a Bunaken Reef

The Bunaken National Marine Park is perfect for spotting sea turtles, whether you are snorkeling above the coral reefs or at depth along one of the walls, seeing turtles is always exciting. In this post, we celebrate World Sea Turtle Day by sharing a few turtle facts. Scroll down for a handy infographic. The species […]

Building a resort: Thalassa Dive Resort Lembeh

Building Thalassa Lembeh

In today’s article we go back in time to look at the construction of our sister resort on Lembeh. In this photo series, read how a muddy hillside was transformed into a full-fledged boutique resort in less than 7 months time… Whenever the chance for a day trip to Lembeh-in-progress came up in 2017, I […]

Four creatures and their mating rituals

Giant clam at Fukui Point

Today we’re highlighting four animals you can find in the waters around North Sulawesi. Specifically, we’re talking about how they mate. This article originally appeared over at Diveplanit and features the Great Barrier Reef, but half of the animals listed there can be found in our area as well.

Where do all these Manadonese dive guides come from?

This article was originally written in German, by our friend Liliane Hennicke at Manta Reisen. In this post she describes how Simone Gerritsen started with an idea and ended up with North Sulawesi’s most successful diving education for local dive guides.

North Sulawesi, COVID-19 and how it affects you

Map of the world - Arjen Bokhoven

The coronavirus affects us all. With the world opening up, this page will reflect the most recent changes in Indonesia’s travel and COVID-19 restrictions. Update as of May 2022 On May 19th, the central government announced that a negative PCR or antigen test is no longer required for international travelers wishing to enter Indonesia, as […]

Garuda Airlines changed their flight schedule, and it’s perfect.

From Amsterdam to Manado with Garuda - yay!

SilkAir will cease flying the Singapore – Manado route starting in May. In its place, Scoot will service the route but tickets are not on sale yet. In this post, we take a look at a solid alternative.