Interesting green

Interesting green

Join us for a lovely stroll through our gardens and identify a number of plants with us.

Our spa opens!

The spa is open for a massage!

We’ve had a bit of an official opening of our spa: two guests had themselves pampered. We also have some more great updates for you.

Let’s go diving!

Let's get wet!

We have a lot of nice underwater footage to show you, let’s get wet!

It’s only a matter of time…

With Christmas around the corner, we are reaching the end of an incredibly strange year. I sometimes wonder if the concept of ‘time’ is actually real, because how can something go so slow while at the same time have blazing speed? This is exactly how the past year felt for all of us here in […]

Diver Spotlight: Alex del Olmo

Alex del Olmo

Award-winning videographer Alex was our guest before the pandemic, and he’s shot some amazing footage while he was here.

Opening our Restaurant!

Our new restaurant is open!

It’s happening, we opened our restaurant for a select group of guests to give our new place a proper test drive.

Opening a New Dive Center During a Global Pandemic

The small village of Bahowo in North Sulawesi is now the proud home of Thalassa’s newest dive center!

Merdeka! – Indonesia’s Independence Day Underwater

Merdeka! - Indonesia's Independence Day Underwater

🇮🇩 Happy Independance Day Indonesia! 🇮🇩 We took some local guests diving for a flag-salute underwater. For many of them it was their first time diving. Well done everyone!

How to Prevent Diving Injuries

Prevent diving injuries

We learn not just about the fun of diving, but also what can potentially go wrong. This time we’re joined by Dr Jan-Jaap Brant Corstius who will explain everything you need to know to about medical complications and (most importantly) how to prevent them.

Donate to help us through 2021

Team Thalassa Manado

Dear Thalassa friends,Who could ever have thought that the Coronavirus situation would unfold the way it has. And that it would last this long? With you not able to travel to us, the year 2020 forced us to find alternative sources of income. We try selling pizzas to Manadonese via delivery or at our resort, […]

The Minahasa Highlands

The Minahasa Highlands

We’re taking you up into the Minahasa Highlands, and show you some of the unique (and tasty!) sights you can find in this beautiful part of North Sulawesi.

Shoot for a great new year!

Did you make that perfect shot during a dive, that one photo that deserves to be seen? Kick off the new year with us in style, by entering our two photo competitions this month!