A cow race near Airmadidi, North Sulawesi

Explore North Sulawesi

Known as the Land of Smiling People, North Sulawesi has quite a lot to offer — we can take you on city tours, jungle hikes, rafting and a lot more. North Sulawesi’s topside life is a fascinating melting pot of different cultures, exciting flavours, and spectacular landscapes just waiting to be discovered…

The greatest hits

View of Manado and the highlands

Minahasa Highland Tour

Full of incredible panoramic views of North Sulawesi, the highland tour is packed with more than can fit in one day! Together with our front desk staff, plan accordingly for a fun day out.

A tarsier looking around

Tangkoko Nature Reserve

The Tarsier is known as the world’s smallest primate, and they await you during a jungle hike with one of our local guides. Good shoes and mosquito repellent is recommended, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

Other activities and tours

Traditional massages​

Come out of our spa a new human being! Our masseuse uses organic, home-made oils.

Cooking class

Cooking classes

Challenge your cooking skills with our chef. Visit the local market get cooking!

Life in Manado City

Manado City Tour​

Visit the local museum, go shopping or have coffee at one of the characteristic warung.

Visit Tunan Waterfall

Waterfall Trip

Take a refreshing dip in one of the waterfalls! Make sure you keep your camera dry.

Local school kids posing for the photo

School Visit

Our school is not far from the Manado resort, and the kids are delighted to meet you.

Sunset over Bunaken National Marine Park

Gunung Tumpa Sunset

Soak up fantastic sunsets from the top of this accessible peak, and identify the islands.

Salise Beach at Lembeh

Lembeh Island Tour

Visit its typical monument, the Rio-like Jesus statue, and have lunch on a secluded beach.

Waruga, the ancient sarcophagus of the Minahasa

Waruga & Bidadari

Discover the largest collection of “Waruga” — ancient sarcophagi of the Minahasa people.

Local village life

Local village tours

Experience first-hand why North Sulawesi is called the Land of Smiling People.

Rafting at Sonder

River rafting

The village of Sonder is your starting point for a fun trip down the river.

Beach at Bunaken

A Day at the Beach

For snorkeling, sunbathing and relaxing, we’ll take you to a nice beach. Lunch is included.

How to book a tour or activity

At the resort, you can let our staff know your preferred activity for the following day. Curious about pricing? You can find those at the Rates overview.

Vacation plans?

Share your ideas and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.